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Treatment Experiences -- The Visits to a Doctor of Chiropractic

            A typical first visit to a Doctor of Chiropractic usually consists of a consultation and complete spinal examination. After obtaining personal information and a health history, the doctor will conduct a thorough chiropractic examination.  The most common examination is called palpation. The doctor carefully palpates the entire spinal region to detect vertebral misalignments. Other methods or instruments, including spinal X ray, may be used to verify the findings and to rule out pathology, such as cancer. All of the examination techniques are safe, painless, and noninvasive. After the spinal examination, the Doctor will review their findings with the patient and recommends a course of treatment.

            At the heart of chiropractic care is the adjustment.  The spinal adjustment is a precise and specific means of correcting subluxation, misalignment, tension, and nerve interference.  There are three levels of chiropractic care: acute care, the restorative phase, and the wellness phase.

            During the acute level of care, the doctor’s objective is to reduce stress damage to the spine and nervous system. At this level, which is common when a patient is seeking help for specific health problems or is suffering from pain or other symptoms, adjustments can be as frequent as several times a week.

            The restorative phase begins after the spine is nearly or completely aligned, when it must be monitored to make sure it holds the adjustment for longer periods of time. After being misaligned for months or even years, the body may have a tendency to resume the habitual alignment and periodic adjustments may be required.   During the wellness phase, the patient has periodic exam­inations or adjustments to ensure that the nerve flow is not encountering interference from new subluxations.  This phase is useful as part of an optimal wellness, prevention, and maintenance program, and is an effective form of stress management.  It is also used by many athletes to ensure optimal performance.

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