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When to See a Doctor of Chiropractic

            People often pay more attention to the maintenance of their cars than they do to the care of their bodies.  People can see the premature wear and tear on their car's tires that occurs if the wheels are misaligned, yet the same holds true for the human body if the spine is misaligned. A Doctor of Chiropractic can quickly show people where these subluxations are and teach patients how and when to recognize the warning signs that may eventually lead to serious health problems.

            It is essential for a person to have the spine aligned on a regular basis, just as the person would go to a dentist to have his or her teeth cleaned to prevent disease.  This keeps the spine free from subluxation and is the best preventative measure the person can take against disease.  Subluxations can be caused by five factors: physical, which includes trauma; mental, such as stress; genetic predisposition; chemical (imbalance or toxicity); and thermal, which includes extreme changes in temperature.

            Subluxations rarely take care of themselves and most people have subluxations they aren't even aware of that are causing problems. When someone takes a fall and ends up with a misalignment of the lower spine, typically he or she will just ignore it after a few days, when the pain has gone away.  Then, the person finds out years later that the hip has been deteriorating more rapidly than it should have been.

            A person should see a Doctor of Chiropractic once every four to six weeks, on average, though it really depends on how long an individual can hold the adjustment. Certain cases, require more attention, such as recurring injuries due to sports and work, and pregnancy. If a woman is pregnant, her needs are increased, because the nervous system of a woman directs the creation of the embryo and the fetus. When a woman receives adjustments during her pregnancy, there is also better delivery, less back pain, healthier children, and less chance of a miscarriage.

            Chiropractic care, by keeping the nervous system and the pathways between the brain and every cell of the body as healthy and tension free as possible, is an ideal form of primary, preventive, and restorative care that ensures a patient's body is operating at its optimum state of heal­ing and wellness.

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