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How Herbal Medicine Works

            In general, herbal medicines work in much the same way as conventional pharmaceutical drugs -- via their chem­ical constituents. Herbs contain a large number of natu­rally occurring chemicals that have biological activity.  Herbal medicine often has much to offer when used to facilitate healing in chronic problems. By skillful selec­tion of herbs, a profound transformation in health can be effected with less danger of the side effects inherent in conventional drug-based medicine. However, the com­mon assumption that herbs act slowly and mildly is not always true. Adverse effects can occur if an inadequate dose, a low-quality herb, wrong age of the herb, incorrect geographic area, or the wrong part of the herb is consumed.

            For examples, Ginseng, an herb that has become mainstream in US has many different medicinal properties.  In order for the herbal formula to be effective to a specific condition, the selection process mandated a high standard from the age, harvest location, the dosage used, and the effective part of the Gingsen.  In addition, the process in creating the formula must be follow to the strictest standard like the creation of modern electronic components. The entire process is mandated from cleaning, to the insertion of the herb into the solution, the temperature during extraction, the method used for extraction, the temperature and moistures during extraction, the amount of waters needed to create the formula, the type of equipment, and the cooling process.  When the formula was created, it should be tested for the dosage and the quality per mm.  Using the none effective part of the Ginseng that has a wrong age or from a wrong geographic area, or the incorrect amount of methods, time, water, temperature, or equipments during the extraction of the Ginseng formula, may not achieve the effect it was intended.  In fact, adverse effect may occur.

            An experienced physician is well aware of those differences in creating the herbal formula and should be able to avoid those pitfalls, and prescribe a personalized herbal formula specific to your conditions.

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