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Acupuncture alleviates pain and can increase immune response by balancing the flow of vital life energy throughout the body. It is an element of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that in the West is often used as a stand-alone treatment for a wide range of disease conditions, from the common cold and flu to addiction and chronic fatigue syndrome.

ACUPUNCTURE ORIGINATED IN CHINA over 5,000 years ago. It is based on the belief that health is determined by a balanced flow of qi (also referred to as chi), the vital life energy present in all living organisms. According to acupuncture theory, qi circulates in the body along 12 major energy pathways called meridians, each linked to specific internal organs and organ systems. There are over 1,000 acupoints within the meridian system that can be stimulated to enhance the flow of qi. When special hair-thin needles are inserted into these acupoints they help correct and rebalance the flow of energy and consequently relieve pain and restore health.


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